Mattress Box Spring – Choose the Right Height

A very common mistake made when purchasing a new mattress is selecting the correct mattress box spring height.  The standard box spring height is 9″ and the low profile box spring height is usually 5 1/2″.

Mattress ShoppingIf you own an existing bed with headboard and or foot board and are replacing your old mattress and box spring we suggest you measure the height of  your old mattress and box spring before shopping.  If you are comfortable with the height of your old mattress set this measurement will help you determine the correct box spring at the time of purchase.

The sales representative will be able to provide you with the new mattress height and you can determine whether the 9′ or 5 1/2″ will work best with your new selection.

If purchasing a new mattress set with a bed frame it is good to know how high the mattress set with frame will be from the floor up.  For example if your new mattress is 13′ high, box spring selected 9′ and bed frame usually 6 1/2′ your total mattress set with bed frame will be 27 1/2′ from the floor up.  If you prefer a lower mattress height and select the 5 1/2″ box spring your mattress set height with bed frame would be 25″ from the floor up.

Taking these few tips into consideration before your purchase will help with your new purchase and delivery going smoothly.

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