Stearns and Foster Mattress Names Comparison List!

Stearns and Foster uses many names for the same mattresses, it’s a little confusing at first glance but relatively easy to sort out once you understand the way it works. S&F has many retailers who sell their product, they give retailers in overlapping areas different names so they don’t have the same name as their competitor down the street. This makes it confusing for the customer to cross shop between stores. We have listed some information below that will help you out when trying to compare prices.

Stearns and Foster MattressesThe following names are the same as our Stearns & Foster Estate Collection Kimberley.

Fiona, Montgomery Place, Monets Garden, Eureka Springs, Elgin Court, Jackson Square, Pendelton.

The following names are the same as our Stearns &  Foster Estate Collection Lucas Park.

Oxford Broad Street, Turtle Bay, Patricia, Street, Deacon Ridge, Red Bank, Governors Palace, Ferndale, Thornwood, Carried Away & Oxford Street.

The following names are the same as our Stearns and Foster Estate Collection Palace Garden.

Aberdeen Park, Pelican Island, Sandleigh, Market Street, Durston, Sweetwater Branch & Freedom Parkway.

The following names are the same as our Stearns and Foster Estate Collection Springbrook.

Callaway Garden, Rose Water, Boston Common, Deerfield Inn, Abbey Lynn, Washington Park, Casa Loma & Rosewater.

Call us at 1-800-385-8319. We can help you match the name you are shopping for to our equivalent model. This information will enable you to shop and compare.

9 thoughts on “Stearns and Foster Mattress Names Comparison List!

  1. I slept on a Stearns and Foster mattress last night – I think the name was Edford or something beginning with Ed…. Can you help me out. I thought it was very comfortable. We are in the market for a King – Our last mattress was a Stearns and Foster. Thanks!

    • Hello Lynn,
      Can you tell us where you slept on this Stearns & Foster mattress? Was it at a friends house, hotel etc. A few years back the Stearns & Foster mattresses had an E level with all names beginning with E. We do not have that name in our reference file but with a bit more information from you we should be able to help find the best mattress for you. If you are able to find out the actual name of the mattress or the comfort level such as plush, firm, pillow top etc. that will be helpful. This may be an older model and if we know a little more about the mattress we can recommend one of the newer models that would be similar in comfort.

  2. I tried out a Stearns & Foster Full Mattress Set, Core Ivette Ultra Firm and really liked it. However, I do not find this in the lists above. Can you help me with identifying what the equivalent names is/are? Thank you.

  3. We are searchig for an equivalent mattress to one purchased in 2000. It is a Stearns and Foster mattress, tag says DOM COLWORTH PL 99. Numbers on the tag include 593269, 5422, 1599 and 0245. I think I recall it is a firm mattress with a plush top, but not sure. Can you help? We are suffering back and shoulder pain on our firm mattress, just added a thick foam topper but still having pain. Thanks so much.

  4. What is the cross name of other models that are just like the Kathryn (cathryn)? I have a customer looking for a Kathryn or something equivalant to it.

  5. I currently have a Sterns & Foster Edford double sided pillow top mattress. I don’t remember the details since we purchased this mattress 10 yrs ago in April. It is firm yet plush with silk and cashmere ticking and had reinforced corners(and maybe edging) to prevent breakage/sagging? It’s a phenomenal mattress but after 10 years and two children I’d love a new version in king size. Any help with an equivelant of what we currently have?

  6. We are looking at S/F mattresses and fine a big difference is prices!! Macy’s and Sears very high as compared to Sleepy’s and other discount stores!! Do you make a cheaper mattress for the discount chains?? I want the highest quality mattress!!!

  7. I haven’t found any equivalent name information about the Stearns & Foster Eloise sold by Sears. Do you have any information about this mattress? Thanks.

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