Stearns & Foster Temecula- Alternate Names

Many people are surprised when they begin there quest to purchase a new mattress. They are often surprised at the prices (either lower or higher than anticipated), the large amount of options available and how confusing the process can be if you are not prepared. One of the main problems people run into, is not being able to find the same mattress at multiple stores to compare pricing. Most are shocked to find that different stores are given different names for the exact same mattress by the manufacturer. This is great for the stores, but not so great for the shoppers. At, we like to take the confusion away by providing a list of alternative names for the mattresses we carry. We recently received a call from a customer in Illinois inquiring about the Stearns & Foster Temecula Luxury Firm mattress.

We were happy to provide an alternate name for the exact mattress she was interested in and provide here with the opportunity to make a truly informed decision on such a major purchase.

The Stearns & Foster Heidi Luxury Firm mattress is the same as the Temecula mattress, but with a different name.  The Stearns & Foster Heidi is the first mattress in the Stearns & Foster Core Collection.  This is the only mattress in the collection that does not have a layer of memory foam or latex in the comfort layers which is okay because our Illinois customer did not want any Latex or memory foam in the mattress she selected.

The Stearns & Foster Heidi comes in several different comforts.  You may select Luxury Firm Tight Top, Luxury Plush Tight Top, Luxury Firm Euro Pillow Top and Luxury Plush Euro Pillow Top.  Always remember to take the mattress you are interested in to our cart to receive an additional discount.   Delivery is free with inside set up, free bed frame and NO SALES TAX! Every mattress is ordered new for each customer ensuring the quality of your purchase.

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