Stearns & Foster Marilyn Plush Euro Pillow Top = Stearns & Foster Nadine

Stearns and Foster Mattresses

Question or Comment: I’ve seen reference to both Luxury plush pillow top and
luxury firm pillow top versions of the same Stearns and Foster mattresses
online. All I have been able to locate in local stores to try is luxury plush
pillows tops. We really liked the Marilyn, but were looking for something just a
tad more firm. Also trying to find a mattress with the least poly foam in favor
of latex or memory foams. Could you help me with the layer makeup of the Marilyn
as well as what other names it goes by?

Answer:  Within the Stearns & Foster Collection you are considering the right collection.  The Stearns & Foster Luxury Estate mattresses have more of the quality foams you are looking for.  The Stearns & Foster Nadine actually has two layers of the Latex and the Stearns & Foster Felisha has a layer of Latex and a layer of memory foam.  We would recommend you try both comfort versions in the plush euro pillow top.  Comfort is subjective and one may feel a tad firmer than the other to you.  Most pillow tops will soften over the first few months so that should also be a consideration in your comfort choice.  We also suggest to try to locate the Luxury Firm Euro Pillow Top and see if that comfort is better for you.

Other names for the Stearns & Foster Marilyn are Stearns & Foster Nadia, Stearns & Foster Lucille, Stearns & Foster Jeraldine and Stearns & Foster Marianne.

Please contact customer service at for any questions. 800 385 8319  All Stearns & Foster has free delivery with inside set up , free bed frame and no sales tax.

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