Simmons Royal Palms Name Comparison

Here’s a quickie name comparison.  The Simmons Beautyrest Recharge World Class Royal Palms mattress set is offered for sale at one of the larger furniture store chains.  This sleep set is also sold under the Pine Plains name and is carried at for a better price as the Annapolis Place.  Same bed.  Costs less, delivered free nearly anywhere…tax free!


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The difference between Stearns & Foster Letter Grades

Robert wrote us last week wanting to know the difference between the Stearns & foster Estate Series Glenda and the Shantel in the tight-top luxury firm comfort level.  This fellow has obviously done his homework since he know that the Glenda is a “P” level bed also sold as the Chasity, the Wanda, the Violeta and here at, the Twila.  The somewhat less expensive “N” level Shantel is also known as the Monika, the Isabel, the Angie and our Graciela.  Both models are Estate Collection mattresses  just below the more highly upholstered Luxury Estate models.  All Estate level beds feature the same Intellicoil double coil system.  The difference is that the “N” level mattress has three inches of high density foam and one inch of memory foam, while the “P” level 2, two inch layers of high density foam and .79 inches of Smart Latex foam instead of the memory foam.  The latex gives this mattress a somewhat softer feel.  Just in case you were wondering.

Stearns and Foster Mattresses

Bariatric MattressIII

In the previous installments on the subject of bariatric mattresses, I discussed the obvious benefits of selecting a model with an extra heavy coil system from either the Simmons Beautyrest Black beds or the Stearns & Foster Estate series.  These are both high end products in terms of price, and as such, may be out of reach for some shoppers.  The basic Stearns & Foster Core Collection features an 825 coil (queen) unit in the entire lineup.  These springs are made of 13 3/4 gauge titanium alloy wire for solid, durable support.  Whether you select the Heidi Plush Euro Pillow-top, the Josette Ultra Firm Tight-Top, or any of the in between comfort levels, you’ll still have the benefit of some of the sturdiest coils available in any mattress.  The basic beds from Simmons are the Beautyrest Classic Recharge models.  Unlike the Stearns & Foster Core Collection mattresses, Simmons uses the lighter 15.5 gauge wire in their plush tight-top and pillow-top beds, so if you want the stronger 13 3/4 gauge coils, go with either the extra firm or the luxury firm offerings.   Unlike many other sites, provides complete manufacture’s specifications for every mattress we feature, so you can compare the different models and know what your buying.  We can also help in matching up the names of different mattress for you.  Just write or give us a call.



Simmons Comforpedic Nourishing Comfort is the same as Balanced Days

The Simmons Comforpedic Nourishing Comfort model is the same as The Simmons Comforpedic Balanced Days on

The Simmons ComforPedic Balanced Days is the plush comfort feel in this new collection.  The plush is always considered the middle range for comfort and therefore feels good to individuals no matter what sleep position.  If the Balanced days is not soft enough we recommend you try the Restored Spirits which is the Luxury Plush comfort and much softer in feel.  Comfort is very subjective so we always recommend you try the different comfort feels offered if you can.

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Simmons Beautyrest Truenergy Rachelle Plush Pillow Top Name Comparison



The Simmons Beautyrest Truenergy Rachelle Plush Pillow Top is the same as the Simmons Truenergy Lakelyn Plush Pillow Top on

If you like a soft mattress that surrounds your body in cozy comfort while providing you with superior support for your back, then this is the one for you.

The Simmons Beautyrest TruEnergy sleep experience allows you to enjoy the best of two worlds. The contouring comfort of the AirCool Memory Foam combined with the individualized back support of the Simmons Beautyrest Smart Response Pocketed Coil System together contributes to your sleeping comfort.

All features are layered within the Simmons AirCool Design. The Beautyrest Recharge Sleep Design provides freedom of movement, pressure point relief and proper sleeping posture all night long. The AirCool Design adds to your sleeping comfort with a ventilated edge system along with a breathable mesh fabric that improves airflow to dissipate heat.

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Simmons Truenergy Bryanna Name Comparison


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The Simmons Truenergy Bryanna Model is the same as The Simmons Truenergy Chloe Model on

The Chloe Euro Top has a lovely soft feel.  If you sleep on your side and like a cozy soft feel in a mattress this would be an excellent choice. has the lowest price, free shipping and removal and NO SALES TAX on this model.

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Simmons Truenergy Annelise Name Comparison

The Simmons Truenergy Annelise Model is the same as the Simmons Truenergy Amanda at

This Model comes in a plush or an extra firm and is available at

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