Did you know that the Stearns and Foster Estate East Cape is the same as our Stearns and Foster Brighton!


Did you know that the Stearns and Foster Estate East Cape as seen at USmattress, is the same as our Stearns and Foster Estate Brighton!

The Estate Brighton is available in 6 different comfort choices.  Pick the one that’s best for you.12-01282_Sealy_Built in America Logo_05-02012 thumb

That’s right Stearns and Foster offers many different name for the same mattresses.  It can be a little confusing at first but allow us to help you cut through the confusion and get the best price on a new Stearns and Foster.

Most people don’t know that mattress companies use many names for the exact same mattress. This is a common practice by the mattress manufactures to give every retailer a different name for the exact same mattress. This makes it difficult for the average customer to shop from one store to another. But, don’t worry I’ve done the hard work for you.


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Bariatric MattressIII

In the previous installments on the subject of bariatric mattresses, I discussed the obvious benefits of selecting a model with an extra heavy coil system from either the Simmons Beautyrest Black beds or the Stearns & Foster Estate series.  These are both high end products in terms of price, and as such, may be out of reach for some shoppers.  The basic Stearns & Foster Core Collection features an 825 coil (queen) unit in the entire lineup.  These springs are made of 13 3/4 gauge titanium alloy wire for solid, durable support.  Whether you select the Heidi Plush Euro Pillow-top, the Josette Ultra Firm Tight-Top, or any of the in between comfort levels, you’ll still have the benefit of some of the sturdiest coils available in any mattress.  The basic beds from Simmons are the Beautyrest Classic Recharge models.  Unlike the Stearns & Foster Core Collection mattresses, Simmons uses the lighter 15.5 gauge wire in their plush tight-top and pillow-top beds, so if you want the stronger 13 3/4 gauge coils, go with either the extra firm or the luxury firm offerings.   Unlike many other sites, gotomattress.com provides complete manufacture’s specifications for every mattress we feature, so you can compare the different models and know what your buying.  We can also help in matching up the names of different mattress for you.  Just write or give us a call.



Simmons Truenergy Annelise Name Comparison

The Simmons Truenergy Annelise Model is the same as the Simmons Truenergy Amanda at Gotomattress.com

This Model comes in a plush or an extra firm and is available at Gotomattress.com.

If you have questions or would like some input in selecting a new mattress, call us at 1-800-385-8319 GoToMattress.com

Bariatric Mattress II

In the previous post, Bariatric Mattress I, we discussed the Simmons Beautyrest Black Series as having stronger coils for the individual of extraordinary weight, in excess of 250 pounds, or so.  In addition to Simmons Beautyrest products, gotomattress.com also carries a complete selection of Stearns & Foster beds.  While the springs in their Core Line are certainly sturdy, the upper level Stearns & Foster Estate Series has an extra strong coil system inherent to this product.  Both Simmons and Stearns & Foster utilize the popular individual pocketed coils in their beds, however, the Estate Series features their Intellicoil.  A coil within a coil, so each pocket contains two coils for additional strength and durability.  Also, all Stearns & Foster coils are made with a titanium alloy for better strength and flexibility.  In part III, the final installment of this series, I’ll offer some suggestions for some more moderately prices mattress with a stronger coil system.  And, remember, gotomattress.com has the lowest prices on Stearns & Foster premium bedding that you’re likely to find anywhere, plus we deliver nearly anywhere for free…tax-free.


M_(150)Estate_N_Lux_P_Euro_PT_1893_F   Stearns and Foster Mattresses

Bariatric Mattress I

If you have to ask what a bariatric mattress is…you probably don’t require one.  But in case you’re interested, it’s a mattress suitable for folks my grandmother politely referred to as “stout people.”  Those of us who are bigger.  While gotomattress.com is not a medical supply house, we do carry certain mattresses that will properly support and hold up longer for the “heavy set” set.  If you’re tipping the scales at over two hundred fifty pounds and are in need of a high quality innerspring bed, consider a mattress with more steel in it’s coil unit.  Consider a mattress from the Simmons Beauty Black collection.  Unlike the other Beautyrests which utilize a mono-filament, or a single strand of coil wire, every other row of coils consists of a cable coil; that is three strands of high carbon steel wire braided together for extra strength and durability.  Simmons call this their “Smart Response Advanced Pocketed Coil.”  The beefiest of the coils in the Black series are found in the Simmons Beautyrest Black Abriana Extra Firm mattress.  Simmons actually employs heavier gauge wire in this bed than the other Beautyrest Black models.  Although it’s classed “extra firm,” it’s not the hardest bed in the house, owing to the multiple layers of pressure relieving, cooling, high quality padding.  For the side sleeper with sore shoulders or hips, the Abriana may be a tad too firm, so consider either the Simmons Beautyrest Ansleigh Plush/Firm, or perhaps the plush comfort level.  These models have the normal gauge Intellicoils, still with plenty of support for a heavier than normal body.  See them all at gotomattress.com for the lowest prices with tax-free delivery to almost anywhere in the US.


Picture 152  BRRCWC13_McKenna_UF_TTSimmons Mattresses

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Catskills Plush Pillow Top on Sale at Gotomattress.com

The Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Catskills Plush Pillow Top sold at Sears is the same as The Tysons Corner Plush Pillow Top at Gotomattress.com. You can save up to $500 with our low price on this set.

This mattress is recommended for side sleepers or anyone who likes a soft feel mattress. The Tysons Corner (Catskills) is available in different comfort levels. Check out the links for more info

Tysons Corner Extra Firm , Luxury Firm , Plush , Luxury Firm Pillow TopSimmons Mattresses


Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Palisades Court at Macy’s Name Comparison

The Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Palisades Court Luxury Firm is the same as The Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Flatbrook Luxury Firm on Gotomattress.com. The NEW! Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Classic mattresses are the best collection ever produced in the classic collections.  Comfort, support and quality features in every mattress. The Flatbrook Luxury Firm is a great choice for back and stomach sleepers . Click on the links for additional comfort levels and info.

Flatbrook Extra Firm , Plush , Luxury Firm Pillow Top , Plush Pillow Top

Simmons Mattresses

Stearns & Foster Delana Name Comparison

A shopper asked me today if we carry the Stearns & Foster Luxury Estate Delana.  Actually we do, but at gotomattress.com, the same mattress is named the Felisha.  It’s available in five comfort levels:  luxury firm tight-top (non pillow-top), ultra firm tight-top, luxury plush tight-top, luxury firm euro-top and luxury plush euro pillow-top.  Check our prices, always the lowest, plus we deliver for free in most places tax-free!




Mattress Name Comparisons

Without a doubt, the most frequent questions we receive here at gotomattress.com are for mattress name comparisons.  Savvy consumers like to price shop, particularly for major purchases, (cars, furniture, appliances and the like) to ensure that they’re not being gouged by an unscrupulous dealer.  Mattresses, as is the case with many items, are difficult to compare “apples-to-apples.”  This is because the bedding companies, in an effort to give stores some degree of exclusivity, custom label nearly identical sleep sets with distinct model names.  One of the vendor assigned model names for a Stearns & Foster set we feature at gotomattress.com is the “Heidi.”  Elsewhere, the same bed is dubbed the “Ingrid,” the “Cora,” the “Lois,” et al.  At gotomattress.com, we research, and are constantly updating our cross-referenced “match-up list.”  It’s so simple and easy to get the rock-bottom price from us on the same bed you saw in a store.  Just note the model name of the mattress you like, including its comfort level (Extra Firm, Plush Pillow-Top, Luxury Firm Tight-Top, etc.), then call us, toll-free at (1-800) 385-8319.  We’ll match up your selection with our bed for hundreds of dollars less, tax-free and delivered for free in most cases to most places.

M_(150)Core_H_Lux_P_Euro_PT_1860  Stearns and Foster Mattresses      Judy

The Ultimate Firm Mattress

Simmons MattressesJoe called asking if we had the Simmons Recharge World Class Kirby Model and if we could beat his price quote of $1999 for a Queen set.

Gotomattress.com is the best place to buy your mattress because we will always have the best price guaranteed. The Simmons Kirby World Class Model is called The Dartmouth Drive on our site. This is the ultimate firm mattress in the World Class Collection. If you are a back sleeper that likes an extremely firm bed , this is the one for you. The Simmons Recharge World Class Dartmouth Drive is packed with Energy Foam, Tru Temp Gel Foam and Air Cool Memory Foam over a 1000 coil support system providing you with the ultimate back support as well as keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Our price for a Queen Set is at $1498 and that includes Full Service Delivery and NO TAX.  Don’t worry  we got your “back”  Joe.