Simmons ComforPedic Restored Spirits Name Comparison.

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Did you know the Simmons Comforpedic Restored Spirits is also the same as the Simmons Comforpedic Enlightened Days!  Some time stores have different names for the same mattress.

The Simmons ComforPedic Restored Spirits is the 2nd softest mattress in the ComforPedic Collection.  If you prefer to sleep on your side you will experience a soft comfort that relieves pressure for a great sleeping experience.  We also recommend this mattress for a back or side sleeper who prefers a softer feel.  The support is great!

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Simmons Free Boxspring sale on NOW! All Simmons World class and Simmons Comforpedic

For a short period of time we are offering a free boxspring on any Simmons World class or Simmons Comforpedic set.  Yes that’s correct FREE boxspring for a limited time.  Only a few times a year Simmons Beautyrest and Simmons Comforpedic will make this offer, so now is the time to consider buying  a new set of bedding.


This limited time offer is sponsored by the Simmons Manufacturer, Since they lower our price we in turn lower yours.  We know a good mattress and boxspring can be an expensive item, so make sure you take advantage of this special free boxspring sale.

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Simmons Comforpedic Nourishing Comfort is the same as Balanced Days

The Simmons Comforpedic Nourishing Comfort model is the same as The Simmons Comforpedic Balanced Days on

The Simmons ComforPedic Balanced Days is the plush comfort feel in this new collection.  The plush is always considered the middle range for comfort and therefore feels good to individuals no matter what sleep position.  If the Balanced days is not soft enough we recommend you try the Restored Spirits which is the Luxury Plush comfort and much softer in feel.  Comfort is very subjective so we always recommend you try the different comfort feels offered if you can.

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Simmons Truenergy Annelise Name Comparison

The Simmons Truenergy Annelise Model is the same as the Simmons Truenergy Amanda at

This Model comes in a plush or an extra firm and is available at

If you have questions or would like some input in selecting a new mattress, call us at 1-800-385-8319

Simmons Comforpedic Relaxed Nights Name Comparison




The Simmons Comforpedic Relaxed Nights Model sold at US Mattress is the same as the Simmons Comforpedic Restored Spirits Model at The Simmons ComforPedic Retored Spirits is the 2nd softest mattress in the ComforPedic Collection.  If you prefer to sleep on your side you will experience a soft comfort that relieves pressure for a great sleeping experience.  We also recommend this mattress for a back or side sleeper who prefers a softer feel.  The support is great! The Price and service at is even better!

Simmons Beautyrest TruEnergy

Simmons Mattresses

  Some of my friends say they feel hot while sleeping on memory foam.  What can you recommend?

 All Simmons Beautyrest mattresses now feature AirCool sleep technology.  These are gels and other hi-tech materials infused into the upholstery layers of the mattress scientifically formulated to promote a cooler sleep experience.

To learn more about these products visit at  All Simmons Beautyrest collections now feature AirCool.  These would include the Beautyrest Comforpedic collection, the Beautyrest Black collection, the Beautyrest TruEnergy collection, the Beautyrest Recharge World Class collection as well as the Beautyrest Recharge Classic collection.

Here at, all Simmons Beautyrests are delivered free, which includes inside set-up, removal of old bedding…tax free!





Lisa called wanting a recommendation for an all foam mattress that would be good for a side sleeper.

I suggested the Simmons ComforPedic Restored Spirits.The Simmons ComforPedic Restored Spirits is the 2nd softest mattress in the ComforPedic Collection.  If you prefer to sleep on your side you will experience a soft comfort that relieves pressure for a great sleeping experience.  I also recommend this mattress for  back or stomach sleepers who prefer a softer feel.  The support is great, the comfort is outstanding and it is designed to keep your temperature regulated so you don’t feel hot. If you are in the market for a new mattress the Simmons ComforPedic Collection is worth a look. Check out the links and learn more about it. At you can place an order, have it delivered at no cost and pay no tax.The Restored Spirits Model is the same as The Enlightened Days Model.

Department Store Bedding

Back in the 70’s, I worked in the furniture and bedding area of a large, family owned, revered, Delaware Valley department store.  It’s sad to say that nearly all these outfits have either gone out of business, or been absorbed by a very small handful of very large companies.  Back then, and a couple of generations prior, if you wanted to purchase a quality, name-brand mattress set, you either went to a local department store, or a furniture store in your area.  There were no chains of “sleep shops”  offering discounted prices and free services with your purchase.  Serious competition for these products was very limited.  As a result, the department stores enjoyed incredibly high mark-ups on premium bedding.  All the “S” brands we have today were around back then.  If you lived near a metropolitan area, chances are there were half a dozen or more old-fashioned department stores offering name-brand mattresses from the same handful of manufacturers.  Each store, by arrangement with those manufacturers, displayed custom covered, custom labeled products that looked substantially different than the same bed at another store.  Thus, the bedding company rep could have his products at every store in town by providing an “exclusive line” that could not be found at any other store in the area.  Sound familiar?  Nearly the same thing still goes on today.  The good news is that in today’s environment, it’s much easier to cross-reference the various assigned model names from one bedding seller to the next.  Because now, due to economy of scale, the bedding companies are making identical mattresses for nearly every seller, with very few exceptions, and with virtually no discernible differences other than the name of the bed on it’s label.  Same ticking, (cover fabric) same foundation for almost every store. knows the names of these sleep sets and is happy to match up your choice with the identical product from our extensive selection from Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Simmons, Serta and others, saving you hundreds of dollars!  Email or call us today.  We’ll put an end to the confusion of buying a new set of bedding.

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Hotel Mattresses – I always sleep great at a Hotel – How can I get the same mattress

I often get a call from a client who tells me that they stayed at a top-notch hotel and they loved the mattress. Some of the hotels even give you the opportunity to buy the same bed – new version of course – and get it delivered to your home.  The price is usually well above what we sell the same mattress for, plus we offer white glove delivery service included with our price.

Here are the key reason you sleep so well at a quality hotel.

1. You are generally exhausted after a long and trying day of travel.

2. The linens, pillows and coverlets are extremely luxurious.

3. The mattress is usually less that 3 – 5 years old.  Most 5 star hotels change mattresses every few years.

4. The room is usually very dark and quite, and you know you won’t have to make the bed in the morning. 🙂

Simmons Beautyrest make a series of Hospitality beds which are only slightly different from the ones we sell.  Usually the difference is the cover is less eye appealing and it is treated with stain resistant products to keep it free from becoming unsightly.

Sealy and Serta beds are also available, the one version commonly found in the Raddison Chain are the Sleep Number beds at that are the air mattresses.  We do not sell those beds and our experience tells us that many purchasers of those beds have buyers remorse after about a month on one of those beds.

If you fall in love with the mattress you slept on in the hotel.  Take off the bottom sheet and mattress pad, look for the manufactures label and the law tag on the bed.  Share that information with me and I’ll be able to determine which bed you love.  Let us quote you on the price and you’ll find that we will be the least expensive option to buy the bed you love and offer you the best service in getting a wonderful nights sleep.

Be prepared to spend some serious cash on the Luxury Items – Coverlets, high thread count – high quality cotton sheets, and a soft, lightweight, thermal type blanket that will help keep you warm when its cold, and cool when its hot.

Reach out to us,

give us a call or shoot us and email


Memory Foam Madness

Searching for the right Memory Foam Bed ?  You should look at ComforPedic by Simmons.

The mattress world is full of choices.  Tempurpedic, IComfort, Sealy Optimum,  and a handful of cheap want to be’s at really ridiculous prices.  Box stores that sell Memory Foam in a box for    $ 250 – $ 700.00 Queen size are selling you foam that has no real comfort, no heat build up release and no longevity.

A set from any of the major brands that ranges from $ 1,200 to $ 4,000 (queen Size) is a pure breed bed.  These manufactures have invested time and research to bring you a bed that they feel certain will help you get a great night’s sleep.  The comfort level of these beds go well beyond anything that you can buy in a box.  Don’t waste your money and go for a cheap imitation of the real thing.

Comfopedic is the real thing.  You can depend on Cool Comfortable Sleep because of Air Cool Design and Tru Temp Technology.   The independent  support promotes proper sleeping posture and individual comfort with out disturbing the other person in bed. These beds provide pressure relief and give you body a chance to relax.

Let us help you find the right comfort level.  You might want to consider the addition of a power adjustable base to help you with medical or health issues.  Let’s talk about real comfort.

Current Models that all have different feels are the following ( April 2013)

Comfopedic –

  • Advanced Rest – Firm
  • Renewed Energy  Available as a Plush or Firm
  • Balanced Days  – Plush
  • Restored Spirits -Plush


Go to Mattress is a authorized direct dealer and we can offer free delivery, set up and removal to about 90% of the  U.S. market.  Our prices are the most competitive you will find and our service, reliability and customer support are all 5 Star rated.


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