Micro Coils – What do they do ?

Beautyrest “World Class”  with Micro Pocketed Coil*  

First before we get to technical,  The biggest single advantage of the Micro Coil is to give you additional surface comfort.  Second Biggest advantage is to prevent sagging and long term body impressions in the surface of the mattress. You don’t sleep on the coil, the combination of upholstery materials (each firmness uses different density and combination for foams), The micro coils in queen size offers 2000 coil* Density. (if you took the time to count them you would only find 1935 coils.  I guarantee you would lose count by the time you got to 1000 anyway.

154 coils per square foot – average person laying on their back probably is using  about 18 square feet  of the available sq ft that a queen size set offers. Does this matter ? Truthfully – no – what really matters is the comfort.  If you love the feel it gives you then it is really meaningful.

The Pillow Top Recharge World Class can be found under the following names:

Rhea, Trident and Tree Top.  

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