The Right Pillow Makes a Difference

When most people think about what is important in order to get a good night’s sleep, they automatically place the responsibility solely on the mattress. A great quality mattress is important, but what most people tend to forget is that the right pillow can be crucial in helping you achieve a good nights sleep.  Pillows not only impact the quality of your sleep but also how healthfully we rest.  Choosing the wrong pillow can add to neck pain, discomfort, arm and shoulder numbness and can affect snoring. Mattresses can often be very pricey, but a good pillow is attainable no matter what your budget may be! A common misconception is that all pillows are the same; basically, if you’ve seen one pillow you’ve seen them all. This could not be further from the truth. The goal of selecting a pillow is to help your head remain in a neutral alignment throughout the night, which means your head is aligned squarely with your shoulders.  There should be no bending back too far or reaching to far forward. The right pillow can promote this healthy head and neck position and greatly increase the quality of your sleep.

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