Looking for comparable mattress found at Sleepy’s – Simmons Beautyrest LEGEND FIRM.

Simmons Mattresses

Brian sent me an email asking for a comparison to the Simmons Beautyrest Legend Found at Sleepys:

To be honest this is a Sleepys exclusive model they use so that they can not be price shopped, this allows them to charge whatever they like for the mattress knowing that the customer can’t go store to store looking for a better price.

That being said The Legend is  really a version of the Beautyrest Black series!  Yup, that’s right.The small degree of deference being an extra layer of padding, a fancy cover and a couple of extra turn at the top of the coil. The extra turns in the coil and padding are to add to the luxurious feel. The fancy cover is for eye appeal. It has no meaning in practical use, when you cover the mattress with a mattress pad and sheets.

The Black models use a triple strand wire coil…3 wires twisted together to make the coil, called a “Cable Coil”. In the Black models, every other row of coils has the cable coil and every other row has a single wire coil.

The Quality is in the Simmons Beautyrest Black Line. My favorite is the Simmons Beautyrest Ansleigh plush firm, but it comes in other feels as well.