Stearns and Foster Chastity and Stearns and foster Richelle.

I just received this email and thought it would make a fantastic Blog!  A customer had seen 2 different Stearns and Fosters at Sears and want to know what our names would be and why we a so much less expensive that the big box stores.
Customer writes:
Hi Andy,I had a few questions regarding getting a stearns and fosters mattress I was interested in:

* I saw 2 of the models on local big chain retailer stores: 1. Stearns and Foster Estate Chastity II (not Chastity please note), 2. Stearns and Foster Richelle, what are your equivalent models for these? I need the king size on both of them.

Stearns & Foster Estate Twila

is the same as the Chastity II it comes in 5 levels from an Ultra Firm tight top to and Ultra plush pillow top.

Stearns & Foster Jossette 

is the same as the Richelle it comes in 5 levels from an Ultra Firm tight top to and Ultra plush pillow top.

* What is the firmest mattress you have in stearns and fosters, if it is other the the ones mentioned above?

The Firmest are the Ultra Firm feels in either Jossette or the Twila.  I think the Twila ultra firm is just a touch firmer than the Jossette.

* I read on your blog there are many levels “N/J/etc” that speak to the quality of the models, what category do these model mentioned above fall in?

Stearns & Foster Estate Twila

The Twila is a Level P and in the Estate Collection this is considered a step up from the Jossette.

Stearns & Foster Jossette 

The Jossette is a level J and is in the Core collection.

* Sorry to ask but are these mattress original from the manufacturer? The reason being the local stores are significantly marked up more than your website, I can understand it if is couple of 100$ but it much more than that! I hope you understand my slight hesitation.

Yes all of our mattress are ordered when our customers place their orders.  Every item is special ordered, factory fresh. When our customer place their order we in turn order that mattress from the factory and it is built and shipped to us in about 4 days.

* What is the return/exchange policy, in case I find the bed uncomfortable/damage/etc. I want to know since you are based in the east coast and I am in California, how to work out the logistics.

You have up to thirty (30) days after delivery to request a satisfaction guarantee.  The store credit may be used towards any other mattress set of equal or greater value.