How often Should I Replace My Mattress?

How often should I replace my mattress is a frequent question around here.  Regrettably, there’s no “one size fits all” answer.  When I interview shoppers in our stores, one of the first thing I ask is, “how old is your current sleep set?”  A lot of them can’t remember without giving it some thought.  Often, they’ll associate their last mattress purchase with another more memorable event like Aunt Sally’s wedding or when they moved into their present home.  On the main, most of them are telling me between seven and twelve years.  There are any number of factors that affect the useable life of a mattress.  As a rule, the heavier you are, the faster your mattress is going to wear out.  Maybe the mattress you slept on last night is the cheap one you bought when you were a starving student…20 years ago (the trouble with a “cheapie” is that they’re uncomfortable every night!).  Perhaps the three kids you just put through college ruined it with their jumping when they were little.  Even a premium sleep set won’t last for ever.  Regardless of its age, simply determine if the mattress you’re sleeping on is supportive and comfortable.  Go to a store and “try on” a good mid-priced mattress.  Ask yourself how it feels compared to the one you crawled off of this morning.  Are you waking up  with a stiff back and numb hands?  Mattresses are a bit like shoes.  How many times have you walked out of a shoe store carrying your old shoes in a bag while wearing the new ones as you leave?  Mattresses, like shoes wear out gradually over a long time.  The process is so slow that you become accustomed to them, until you get something fresh and new.  What a difference!  So shop around.  When you find something in your budget, check out Shopping  We’re always less expensive than the “bricks & mortar” places.

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Stearns & Foster Plush Mattress

Stearns and Foster MattressesWe received a call from a customer who has a Stearns & Foster Dudley Plush mattress and has had her mattress for 10 years.  She loves her mattress and wants to replace it.

We recommended she try the new Stearns & Foster mattresses in her local store and suggested she try the luxury plush tight top.  We gave her all the new features of the present collection and told her to call us back with the name of the mattress she likes and we can deliver it to her free with inside set up and no sales tax.

You may contact us at 800 385 8319.

Stearns & Foster Felisha Luxury Plush

Stearns and Foster MattressesQuestion:  Which of the new Stearns & Foster mattress is closest to the Stearns & Foster Market Street.  I own this mattress and would like to order another one.

Answer:  The Stearns & Foster Luxury Estate Felisha is the closest to the Stearns & Foster Market Street.  The Market Street had both Latex and memory foam in the comfort layers and the Stearns & Foster Felisha has both Latex and Memory Foam in the top layers.  We would also recommend you try the Estate Level Stearns & Foster Graciela and the Stearns & Foster Twila.  The mattresses have changed and you should select the one that feels closest to the mattress you already own.

Please contact us at 800 385 8319 with any questions.  We do sell and deliver Stearns & Foster Mattresses.  Delivery is free with inside set up, bed frame free and no sales tax.

How long is my Stearns & Foster Warranty?

Stearns and Foster MattressesDarlene wrote:

In 2010, I purchased a Stearns and Foster Thornwood Ultra Firm Mattress. Is the construction of this mattress foam or innerspring?  Please let me know what length of time I have for the warranty, too.

Answer:  The Stearns & Foster Thornwood Ultra Firm was from the previous Stearns & Foster Estate Collection.  The construction of the mattress is individually pocketed coils, a coil within a coil system and the top of the mattress has foam in the comfort layers.  This mattress has the addition of latex in the comfort layers.  The warranty is 10 years.

The new Stearns & Foster Estate mattress that has replaced the Thornwood is the Stearns & Foster Twila.

Please contact us at 800 385 8319 with any questions.

Stearns & Foster Felisha Luxury Firm

Stearns and Foster MattressesQuestion:
We just bought a Stearns & Foster Felisha Luxury Firm. It feels a little too firm on the
lower back. It also feels firmer than the one we tried in the store. How much
time should we allow for a “break in” period or should we just return it. Only
have slept on it one night thus far.
You should first check with the store you purchased from and check on their exchange policy.  We recommend you sleep on a mattress at least 30 days.  The mattresses in the store will usually feel softer because they have been tried by several customers over a period of time.  When you receive a new mattress it has usually come right from the factory and does require a break in period.  If your old mattress was not supporting you correctly it may also take your body a few weeks to adjust to sleeping on a mattress that provides proper spine alignment.

Please contact us at  800 385 8319 with any questions.  All Stearns & Foster delivers free with inside set up, free bed frame and no sales tax.

What mattress has replaced the Stearns & Foster Monet’s Garden?

Stearns and Foster MattressesLois from Florida was looking for the Stearns & Foster Monet’s Garden.  This Stearns & Foster mattress was in the previous Stearns & Foster Estate Collection and has been replaced by the Stearns & Foster Estate Graciela.  The new collection has a longer warranty and the addition of the titanium alloy in the coil system.  We recommended she try the Stearns & Foster Graciela at a local store in her area and gave her some of the other names this mattress will go by.

Stearns & Foster Monika, Stearns & Foster Alisia, Stearns & Foster Shantel, Stearns & Foster Judith, Stearns & Foster Angie, Stearns & Foster Rosita, Stearns & Foster Kathleen and Stearns & Foster Jacalyn.

All Stearns & Foster mattresses deliver free at with no sales tax.  Please contact customer service at 800 385 8319 with any questions.

Stearns and Foster Luxury Estate Nadine

Stearns and Foster MattressesThe NEW Stearns & Foster Luxury Estate Mattress Collection is beautifully designed with excellent craftsmanship. The founders of Stearns & Foster; Seth Foster and GS Stearns, always wanted to offer the best quality products, even back in the mid-1800’s. They both shared the same goal of designing their mattresses with excellent materials, craftsmanship and innovation. 165 years later Stearns & Foster is still a leader in the mattress business with the same passion for excellence. They continue to use the best materials and their craftsmanship and innovation is seen in each Stearns and Foster Mattress Collection!

Linda from Texas had ordered the Stearns & Foster Estate Springbrook from a previous Stearns & Foster Estate Collection and wanted to order the same mattress for her guest room in a queen size.  She and her husband LOVE the King Set they purchased for themselves and want their guests to sleep as comfortably as they do.

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Stearns & Foster Luxury Estate Patti Plush Euro Pillow Top

At, we receive questions from customers about mattresses all of the time. D.J. from Ohio recently wrote:

I am not happy with a foam bed I bought and it seems rather hard even after about 5 days of sleeping on it. It wasn’t like this when I bought it (so I thought) but I want to exchange it for another. I tried the Patti Plush bed by Stearns & Foster and thought it was a very nice bed. Can you tell me if this bed is considered firm or medium or soft? I want the best bang for my buck. In any case, this bed seemed to fit my needs at the time … not too soft…not too firm…just right. how can I know if the Stearns & Foster Estate Luxury Mattress is better (it’s softer, but I worry about the pillow top sinking after 5 years or so.)? help me out!

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Are 3 slats enough support for my new Stearns & Foster Queen Mattress?

Recent advancements in bedding technology have made the confusing process of mattress shopping even more confusing.  It is important to consider the look and feel of the mattress as well as the size, material and of course your budget; however, one of the most important factors is whether or not the mattress provides the proper support necessary. The problem with your run of the mill mattress stores is that their associates are usually not experts in the science of sleep. They may be able to help you to a certain extent, but they can only pass along the knowledge they have and that doesn’t always cover all of the bases. At,  our Mattress Specialists are extremely knowledgeable about all things related to mattresses, which helps them to answer any questions that come their way! We get questions all of the time from people in the middle of the mattress buying process, like this question from Wayne in Tennessee.

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How long should a mattress last?

Sleep TipsHow Long Should my Mattress last?  I get this question all the time. Let’s start by saying this is a loaded question. Almost every mattress over $500.00 has at least a 10 year warranty, some even more. Most Memory Foam or Latex Mattresses will have 20 or 25 years on the warranty. So what does that really mean?

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